Tech Electronic Systems INC is a leading manufacturer of F-5 electronic assemblies and subassemblies; we function as a depot level repair facility providing our customers with a very effective solution to the F-5 Series Fighter Aircraft needs. Tech Electronic Systems also provides support for both the F-16 & C-130 aircraft, along with general avionics repair, overhaul and reproduction capabilities.

F-5 Electronic Assemblies & Subassemblies

Tech Electronic Systems INC offers a wide variety of F-5 Electronic assemblies and & subassemblies; we are also more then capable and experienced in the reverse engineering and remanufacturing of F-5 avionics. A brief listing of our current offerings are found below, for a more detailed list of Parts currently offered please view our parts list.

  • Amplifier Boxes  
  • Weapon Control Units  
  • Distribution Boxes 
  • Circuit Card Assemblies 
  • Interface Control Units 
  • Power Adapters 
  • Circuit Breaker Assemblies 
F-16 Electronic Assemblies & Subassemblies

Tech Electronic Systems INC has several offerings for F-16 aircraft, including but not limited to Power Switching Module Assemblies and Circuit Card Assemblies all fully qualified with first articles approved by the US Government and Hill Air Force base engineering.

C-130 Electronic Assemblies & Subassemblies

Tech Electronic Systems INC is pleased to announce that we will shortly be rolling out support for the C130 aircraft. Support will include repair and overhaul of existing Electronic assemblies and subassemblies as well as reverse engineering services and onboard aircraft displays modernization and upgrades.