Rugged Maritime Computers

Tech Electronic Systems INC is currently offering a line of compact rugged Maritime computer systems featuring a wide range of hardware combinations, from Intel Atom based ultra low power consumption systems to Intel Core I7, quad Core processors with speeds of up to 3.0GHz. Our entire line of compact computer systems are designed around a pc104 form factor motherboards and feature custom made enclosures with either fully welded aluminum sheet metal construction or a fully sealed CNC chassis made from 6061 aluminum with mil-spec connectors for extreme protection.

Standard mounting options for rugged computer systems feature VESA style mounts allowing for quick mounting to the rear of any of our Rugged Maritime LCD displays systems, or any other VESA style mount displays. Smart Displays package upgrades are available when ordering displays with pre-installed computer upgrades.

Rugged Maritime Computer Features

Tech Electronic Systems INC Rugged Tech Maritime computers feature a wide range of user configuration options. Systems feature Intel Processors standard with AMD Geode processer based systems available. Hard drives are SSD standard, with compact flash and HDD drives available upon request, pre-installed operating systems available upon request. For further details on available options please click the view options button below.

  • Processor : Intel Atom dual core up to Core I7 quad core processors (AMD options available)
  • Memory : 128 MB (min) up to 8192 MB max (SODIMM 204)
  • Hard Drive : 8GB (min) up to 600GB (max capacity in MLC only, SLC options available for lower capacities)
  • Power Consumption : 7.8 Watts typ (Atom Processor with 2GB ram & active cooling)
  • Cooling : Passive cooling solutions standard for low power applications, active cooling available for high power consumption CPU options.