Tech Electronic Systems News

Welcome to the Tech Electronic Systems News page, be sure to check back periodically for news regarding our latest products in development, along with their corresponding qualifications progress and all the goings on at Tech Electronic Systems Inc.

January 10th 2013: New Website Launch!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And welcome to Techelectronicsystems.com to ring in the new year, we here at Tech Electronic Systems Inc have launched our brand new website, not to mention several brand new product lines! Please make sure to check back for more updates on the latest in Tech product development news.

January 15th 2018: New Year, New Products!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Looks like it's time for the addition of some new displays to our extensive line of Rugged Military products. Please be on the look out for our new 10.4 inch SXGA display as well as our new 55 INCH LED back lit, 4k large format rugged display.